Paint Your Own! Halloween Cookies Kit


We have just teamed up with Sprinkled With Creativity to bring you the most AMAZING cookie decorating kits! Not going trick-or-treating because of COVID-19 this year? Start a new Family tradition painting your own delicious cookies for your next family get together!

Each Cookie Kit Includes:

  • 4 Halloween themed cookies
  • 2 “Paint Pallets”
  • 4 Foodsafe Paintbrushes
  • Basic decorating instructions

Cookies are best when decorated as close to fresh as possible. Kits must be ordered 3 days in advance of pickup. Text message will be sent to number provided when cookies are ready for pickup near Daybreak Utah. Delivery unavailable at this time.

If you will not be decorating the cookies within 24 hours, you may need to reincorporate the icing ingredients. For an additional $1, I will include 4 extra icing bags and ties so you can mix the ingredients then add them to a clean bag.