Intro To Drawing!


Introduction to Drawing Ages 14+
6:30-8:30p.m. on 4/3/23, 4/10/23, 4/17/23, 4/24/23, 5/1/23, 5/8/23
Week 1: Basic 3D Shapes We focus on the mindset of breaking down everyday objects into their basic shapes: cubes, spheres, cones, and cylinders.
Week 2: Planes & Grid Lines We expand upon basic construction of shapes with grids on each plane of the shapes we draw to create more complex objects (ie: house, car, etc.)
Week 3: Perspective Using the fundamentals of grids, shapes will be drawn into a 3D environment using one and two-point perspective. 3-point perspective will also be introduced for class.
Week 4: Value and Shading Objects will come to life using values and shading. Highlights, shadows, and reflected light will also be used on a spherical object.
Week 5: The Human Form – an introduction All of the tools acquired thus far will be used to break down how to draw the human figure in the most straightforward method used today: comics- style!
Week 6: “Lights, Camera…Draw!” Each student will attempt an object of their choice to convey a simple scene using shapes, grids, perspective, and value.
With the teacher’s supervision and assistance as needed, each student will walk away with a piece they can feel proud of!

Each lesson will include a combination of theory, demonstration, and practical exercises. Homework will be assigned at the end of each lesson to reinforce the concepts covered in class.

The lesson plan can be adjusted based on the progress of the students and their individual needs. This is an in person class, that has specific dates, if you miss a class or come late to a class, refunds or credit will not be given.

The coarse materials for this class may be purchased from milk and cookies painting, or you may bring your own.
Coarse Materials are NOT included in the cost of this class.
(1) Standard size sketch/ drawing pad (paper) (white or cream)(9″x12″suggested) colored paper or larger paper may be purchased but is not needed for this intro class.
(1) Drawing board (18″x18″ suggested)
(1) Set of pencils (at least 6 different H and B)
(1) Kneaded eraser
(1) Rubber eraser
(1) Gum eraser
(1) Pencil sharpener
(3) Charcoal sticks
(3) Charcoal pencils
(1-3) Stumps/Tortillion
(1) Set of pastels
(1) Standard Ruler
(1) Set of Colored Pencils

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